Aerial Robotics Intern


What we do:
F-drones is an early stage startup backed by some exciting entities. We are building the world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to oil rigs and ships. Our unique design will have a combination of heavy payload and long range capabilities that would put other existing delivery drones to shame. We aim to be the leader of heavy payload drone logistics across industries in 5 years.

We are developing world-class computer vision systems for Beyond the Visual Line of Sight Navigation (BVLOS) of drones along with the ability to achieve centimeter-level landing accuracies on moving surfaces. The drones will also be able to avoid obstacles and unsafe landing locations, and be equipped with seamless fusion of GPS, VIO and other sensor-based navigation to provide the best overall mission accuracy.


What you will do:

  • Work on creation of new aerial robotic systems (integration) and implement our algorithms on the platform that will run on Ardupilot

  • Support us in building a robust vision/LiDAR ecosystem (on-board the drone) for perception-based navigation and landing

  • Work on simulation environments to produce simulated models and analyze system performance

  • Perform field tests (indoor and outdoor settings) to validate our algorithms in real-world scenarios

  • Create and update technical documentation, test plans, and test results, analyze results and provide conclusive reports


What we look in you:

  • Currently pursuing Bachelors, Masters, or PhD in Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Aerospace Engineering

  • Experience working on creation of robotic systems and prototypes

  • Strong background in designing, developing, assembly, integration, and/or testing of aerial robotic systems (including hands-on skills such as machining, soldering, mechanical assembly, electromechanical integration, etc.)

  • 2+ years programming experience in C++, Python, ROS, Linux

  • Experience working with flight control autopilot software such as PX4, Ardupilot

  • Software development experience using version control platforms like Git

  • Know-how of communication protocols such as MAVLINK, RTPS/DDS is a plus

  • Experience in the entire product development lifecycle, and able to prioritise and meet deadlines

  • You preach and put into practice the importance of maintainability, relentless testing and enjoy