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At F-drones, we are building the world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to oil rigs and ships.

Our unique design will have a combination of heavy payload and long-range capabilities that would put other existing delivery drones to shame. With such incredible specs, our drone can still take-off vertically, fly like a fixed-wing aircraft, and land on a moving target.

Consumer-grade drones are passe; We are building aviation-grade drones that would set high safety and reliability standards. We aim to be the leader of heavy payload drone logistics across industries in 5 years. 



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Cofounder & CEO

Nicolas was with the Singapore government for the past 10 years, bringing foreign investments into Singapore and shaping the development of various industries. Key sectors were in aerospace, energy, mining and oil & gas industries.

Nicolas has been a strong advocate of pioneering new areas. Between 2009-2013, he led the set-up of Singapore’s Office for Space Technology & Industry and helped secure S$90 million to nurture this sector. He had also worked closely with Airbus Defence & Space, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and multiple stakeholders in the spaceplane project.

Nicolas graduated from the National University of Singapore, with Hons in Mechanical Engineering (Aeronautical).


Cofounder & CTO

Yeshwanth has designed, built and operated various types of autonomous drones over the last 6 years, including transitional drones (VTOL + Fixed Wing).

He previously co-founded AUS, India's first ever commercial drone company. AUS is now valued over US$10 million and its investors include 500 Startups, 3one4 capital and GrowX ventures. With more than 1 million hectares of land surveyed and more than 10,000 hours of drone flights, AUS now owns about 60% of India's surveying drone market.

Yeshwanth graduated from IIT Bombay with Master in Aerospace Engineering (Aerodynamics). He was also its General Secretary Academic Affairs.



Head of Computer Vision and Perception Systems

Pradyumna has been in various research & engineering roles across India, Europe, and USA in aerospace, robotics, and perception over the last 6 years. His research has also been presented at various international conferences worldwide. 

His most recent role was at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, where he had been involved in projects such as Mars rover/helicopter and drones for extreme terrains. His core expertise is in robotics autonomy, controls and computer vision. Pradyumna was also involved in a joint project with California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in "Navigation, Control and Planning of Fast Flying Drones".

Pradyumna is currently part of the Erasmus Mundus Dual Masters Program at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden and Aalto University, Finland. He will be graduating with a Master of Science in Space Science & Technology from Lulea and a Master of Science (Tech.) in Space Robotics & Automation from Aalto in Autumn 2019. 



Mr Sharples was formerly the CEO of Airbus Helicopters Southeast Asia, where he had P&L responsibility for S$200 million revenues and 300 staff across 15 countries. His customers include offshore players in the region, which could also be our customers.

Previously, he was responsible for Group after-sales services, generating S$2.25 billion revenues with 1,500 staff. He has held various top management positions in Airbus commercial aircraft and was a senior military officer in the Royal Navy. Mr Sharples has extensive board level experience as Chairman and Board Director of companies in Asia and Europe.