UAV Systems Engineer

Bengaluru, India

What we do:

F-drones is an early stage startup backed by some exciting entities. We are building the world’s first transition drone to enable aerial deliveries to oil rigs and ships. Our unique design will have a combination of heavy payload and long range capabilities that would put other existing delivery drones to shame. We aim to be the leader of heavy payload drone logistics across industries in 5 years.

This position is for systems integration, development and testing of multiple UAV designs we are working on. The role involves working on integration challenges with OEM components and testing various component options. You are required to identify right vendors, liaise with them and assist in outsourcing design related requirements. You will participate in defining and validating Standard Operating Procedures (SoP), UAV maintenance manuals, and operation
methodologies. This role also involves assisting in documentation pertaining to regulatory requirements and operations, and in the assembly & testing of proprietary UAVs.



  • Bachelors, or Masters in Aerospace  or Mechanical Engineering 

  • Proficient in flying both Fixed-wing and Rotary-wing/Multi-rotor UAVs

  • Experience with various Ground Control Softwares (GCS) such as Mission Planner & QGC

  • Experience with various autopilot softwares (Ardupilot, PX4) and hardware (Pixhawk)

  • Experience in integrating, operating, and tuning autopilots on a variety of UAVs

  • Experience in technical documentation and knowledge of google drive ecosystem

  • ​Experience in using CAD softwares such as Solidworks / CATIA

  • Basic knowledge of electrical test equipment (multimeter, oscilloscope) and UAV sensors

  • Ability to work hands-on with electro-mechanical systems including assembly,disassembly, testing, troubleshooting

  • Ability to design electro-mechanical systems related to UAVs

  • Passionate about large scale UAVs and have basic knowledge in Aerodynamics,Structures and Propulsion systems

  • Experience in flying multicopters is a plus

  • Experience in technical documentation is a plus

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Team player who can also be independent, prioritize work and thrives in a fast-paced dynamic environment